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Webinar: Cloud Authoring - from storyboard to eLearning in eNetAuthor

Date: Tuesday 19th July 2016

Time: 2pm London, 9am New York

With numerous contributors to your elearning project (from subject matter experts to instructional designers to reviewers) gathering information from all in a timely and usable manner can be difficult and can be the cause of a potential bottleneck in your learning development project.

eNetAuthor has been designed with this in mind, allowing for simple seamless collaboration between all contributors.

Join us to see how easy it is to manage the whole process in our cloud based solution.

In this webinar we will:

  • Show how a Subject Matter Expert (SME) can add content to a storyboard
  • Demonstrate how content can be moved directly from storyboard to design
  • Reveal how a reviewer can access resources to validate the content and layout
  • Discuss how you can improve your efficiency as a distributed team

Who this webinar is for:

Anyone who is responsible for creating eLearning content or managing eLearning projects.

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