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5 Ways eNetAuthor Can Help With Storyboarding

To make any piece of content effective, from a simple letter to a multipage slide presentation, it is essential to structure the content. eLearning is no different. Planning a clear structure is crucial to achieving the maximum learning potential.

This is where the storyboarding process is critical.

eLearning storyboards map out the content of your learning. With content potentially being provided from multiple sources, it can be all too easy for meaning to get “lost in the translation”. Storyboarding allows you to organise and structure your eLearning to ensure that the project keeps on track with all expectations being met.

Our tool eNetAuthor can help you storyboard in 5 specific ways:

  1. With inbuilt storyboarding functionality, eNetAuthor allows you to replicate any course content mindmap by organising and structuring your learning into sections (higher level topic) then pages (topic details). This means it is far easier to create and present accessible and engaging eLearning in easily digestible manageable chunks.
  2. Using the drag and drop facility, sections and pages can be easily moved around to accommodate changing needs. This adds a level of flexibility to the content structure meaning significant changes to course design do not require the creation of a completely new project.
  3. With notation functionality, teams are able to easily communicate within the tool on specific course content and design, leaving clear messages against the relevant section/page. It allows for a multi-way communication between key stakeholders such as the instructional designer, author, subject matter expert or reviewer. It also means that they are able to capture their thoughts and have the ability to view invaluable notation/comment history for back reference.
  4. Version control functionality within eNetAuthor ensures that any storyboard design changes are reflected in the latest course versions. This means that you can be sure that everyone is working with the current edition.
  5. A critical element to eLearning authoring is the review process. The review functionality within eNetAuthor allows users the opportunity to preview the course, testing all interactivity and to view how the learning will be presented over differing devices. Additionally this means that the content creator(s) has the opportunity to amend the content/design before completing the sign off process.

It can be difficult to find a tool that can not only make eLearning storyboarding an easy option for solo projects but that can work on larger project where collaboration between teams is essential to achieve learning outcomes.

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