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Supporting Content Development Teams

Many eLearning authoring tools are designed for individuals or small teams but as your team grows these generally cannot fulfil your needs. eNetAuthor has been designed and built by eLearning experts to provide an immersive learning tool which fully supports professional content development teams.


If your team is using different systems, working in isolation and not collaborating with each other you run the risk of under delivering.

eNetAuthor’s team functionality allows for the creation of multi-disciplinary teams of authors, developers, reviewers and project managers. With all content and resources held in one place your team can easily work together and ensure efficient handovers. Reviewers can comment and sign-off as production is in progress. Tasks can be created and tracked and project information communicated to the full team. Project managers can identify potential overruns and plan accordingly.

The right tools for different team members

Many authoring tools have limitations for those who work in professional development teams. They either lean towards bespoke development which is costly to deliver or a templated approach which is limited in what can be delivered.

As content teams can consist of inexperienced and experienced developers it is essential that an authoring tool provides a full range of features with a growth path for content developers.

For new users eNetAuthor offers coach mode to lead you through the process. It has a range of templates, layout and objects to help you create interactive and responsive eLearning.

For those with more experience there is the ability to control the properties of objects, page layouts and styles. Developers can control the CSS, gain full access to applying code on the page and write their own xAPI variables and statements.

Reporting on capacity

Providing analytics on content development can be difficult. Many organisations run timesheets to monitor time spent on a project but these can be ineffective. Not every member of the team works in the same way and the amount of time needed for learning or research is often not captured.

Teams need immediate and accurate reporting on how they are performing. Summary information is key for projects managers to keep an overall view on all projects being worked on.

eNetAuthor provides an overview of all project activity. Tasks can be reallocated with the level of expertise required managed project by project. Having this all visible in the one application means your whole project team are aware of any issues and can act accordingly.

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